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Place an order for a photo session


Place an order for a photo session


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Goods for magic



Internet store goods for magic offers You a magical perfume, incense, powders, charcoal, chalk, magical jewelry, oils, herbs, roots, resin, stone, minerals, metals, magnets, oracles, pentacles, runes, tarot, Ouija board, books shadows, talismans, amulets, crystal balls, floral water, bowls, mortars, cups and more.
A variety of magical items to help make any photo session unusual, mystical and mysterious, to achieve the goals of the shooting! Perfect for photo shoots in the style of art, fashion, gothic, creating a portfolio of acting, and so on.
When ordering any shooting, 5studio5.com, You get a discount on the purchase of any goods online store Vedma66.ru
Delivery is carried out in all the cities of Russia and other countries, point in the e-mail any express courier service of Your choice.
To do this in the message text of the order by email info@5studio5.com or through an operator to report to You to issue a discount for online store Vedma66.ru